How to Register for Free Homecoming from the Ministry of Transportation in 2022

The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) this year will run a free homecoming program for the general public, for those who don’t know about it, you can directly register for a free homecoming from the Ministry of Transportation in the way we summarize below.

It should be noted that 10,500 participants can take part in the free homecoming program from the Ministry of Transportation and 350 buses have been provided to transport the homecoming participants.

In addition, there are 34 units of trucks to carry motorbikes for prospective travelers who want to bring their vehicles.

Budi Setiyadi, who currently serves as Director General of Land Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation, said that the Ministry of Transportation’s 2022 free homecoming program is expected to reduce the use of motorbikes for Eid homecoming.

Budi Setiyadi also added that the departure of the homecoming bus was only directed to two regions, namely West Java and Central Java. Here are the area details:

2022 free homecoming illustration
Central Java Region,

West Java Region:

How to Register for Free Homecoming Kemenhub 2022
quoted from the page, the public and prospective homecoming participants who want to register themselves and their families can directly access the official website that has been provided by the committee.

The way to register for free homecoming online from the Ministry of Transportation in 2022 is to access the page to register your personal data online online. The steps are as follows:

Open a browser on your cellphone and go to the site
Click register and follow the registration process by filling out the form with complete data and according to your KTP / KK.

Prospective homecoming participants who successfully register will have to download and print/print the participant’s e-ticket QR.

Later the printed QR e-ticket must be brought and accompanied by other supporting data such as an ID card, Family/KK Card, proof of vaccine or negative results from an antigen/PCD test.

For more details, you can check the Terms of the Ministry of Transportation for free going home 2022 . All that data must later be brought to the departure location to re-register to get a bus number.

By following the appropriate procedures, prospective travelers will be able to easily find their departure bus.