Here are the Terms and How to Register for Business Licensing Online SMEs

How to Register for MSMEs Online – Having a business license and being officially registered with the Ministry of Investment/BKPM is the main requirement for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to get social assistance (Bansos) from the government.

Therefore, this time Teknobgt summarizes the steps for Registering MSMEs Online so that they can get a business license and also have a legal legal handle to develop their business to be bigger.

The MSME social assistance can be used as capital for the development of micro-enterprises that are being run. For that, you can listen to how to register for MSMEs Online to get a Business Identification Number (NIB).

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List of MSMEs Online on the BKPM Site
The Ministry of Investment or BKPM is the Investment Coordinating Board is a Non-Departmental Government Institution of Indonesia whose task is to formulate government policies in the investment sector, both domestically and abroad.

We will immediately discuss the steps in the online MSME registration process through the official website of the Investment Coordinating Board:

how to register online for umkm license
The first step is to open a browser and type www. is a BPKM site that is used as an electronically integrated business licensing system

After entering the site page, click on the “Apply for Micro and Small Business Licensing” section.

Then a popup will appear to have your business scale is UMK and in the Type of business actor section you can choose “Individual Person”
Next Enter “Mobile Number” and “Email Address” (make sure this cellphone number and email are written correctly and are active)
After that, select the verification method, whether you want it via email or a verification code sent to Whatsapp (the number you registered earlier).
Click the “Confirm” button and enter the verification code in the column provided.
The account creation process has been successful, you can login and click the Business Licensing button again and select an individual person.
There is an option for a Small Individual NIB Registration Button for small individual businesses and there is also a need for us to use the NIB, namely the business registration number and business license.
TRENDING: Easy Steps to Make a Business Registration Number (NIB) and Micro Small Business License (IUMK)
Business License Registration Process
The following is a summary of the NIB process and business licenses quoted from the liputan6 page, namely:

On the profile data form, the MSME owner must complete the information that is still blank and then click Save and Continue.
This is what MSME owners must do in the business data form:
Click the Add Business button.
Complete the required data in the business data form.
after the data entered is complete and correct, then click Save and then Next.
For owners of more than one MSME, you can click Add Business until everything is uploaded, then click Next.

On the Business Infrastructure Commitment form, small MSME owners can apply for a Location Permit and Environmental Permit (if required), then click Next
MSME owners can see a summary of the NIB data and business permits that have been filled in and can preview the draft NIB, location permits, environmental permits and business permits in the draft NIB and business permits. Next, business owners can check the disclaimer box, then click Process NIB.
As additional information, micro business actors whose addresses are different from the domicile of the business location can attach additional documents, namely Business Certificates (SKU).
MSME owners can view NIB documents, location permits, environmental permits, and business permits on the output of NIB and business permits. Business owners can print a business license in the form of a QR code through a QR business license preview.

Online MSME Registration Requirements
Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
Have a Population Identification Number (NIK).
Own a micro business.
Not as employees of BUMN, BUMD, PNS and TNI/POLRI.
Attach a Business Certificate (if you have a different ID card and business domicile).
Not in the loan period at the bank or people’s business credit (KUR).
Document Requirements to be Prepared:

Attach a photocopy of your ID card.
Attach a Family Card (KK).
Attach a Business Identification Number (NIB).
Attach a photo of micro-scale enterprises (MSMEs).
Attach a Statement of Absolute Responsibility (SPTJM) which can be obtained from the local Cooperatives and SMEs Office.
MSME ownership can be proven by having a Business Certificate (SKU), Business Permit Number (NIB), or Micro and Small Business Permit (IUMK).
TRENDING: Easy Steps to Make a Business Registration Number (NIB) and Micro Small Business License (IUMK)
IMPORTANT! For business actors who already have Access Rights and NIB in OSS 1.1 System, please login using the old username and password.

The implementation of Risk-Based Business Licensing through the Online Single Submission System (OSS) is the implementation of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation. Risk-Based OSS must be used by Business Actors, Ministries/Agencies, Regional Governments, Special Economic Zone Administrators (KEK), and Free Port Free Trade Areas (KPBPB). Based on Government Regulation Number 5 of 2021 there are 1,702 business activities consisting of 1.349 Indonesian Standard Classification of Business Fields (KBLI) which has been implemented in the Risk-Based OSS System.