Nintendo Switch Plans for Hardware Revision

Plans for a hardware revision of the Nintendo Switch, slated to launch sometime in 2019, are currently underway, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal . The brief, which was broadcast live Thursday (04/10) morning, hints at Nintendo’s plans for a new version of the Switch, which is planned to be compatible with all existing Switch software) in the second half of 2019, or as soon as summer next year.

The source cited a report from one of the “suppliers” who leaked the plan. Everything they know so far seems to center around one part of the system revision, namely the screen. And the leak from the “supplier” does revolve around the changed hardware on the upgraded screen from the previous LCD manufacturing process. The report from the Wall Street Journal also does not explicitly narrow down reports from “suppliers” about what devices will be used in the future.

One estimate missing from the Wall Street Journal report is that if Nintendo’s main supplier of LCD screens, Japan Display Inc , had supplied far fewer Switch screens in 2017 than they did in 2016. According to a report from Nikkei , the move might be. This is due to changes made by Japan Display Inc , where they are now focusing on producing OLED screens instead of LCDs, last year. The report also doesn’t suggest Japan Display Inc will make any changes in anticipation of Nintendo demanding higher-quality screens for future hardware.

The report from the Wall Street Journal doesn’t clarify what might change from the next Switch, with details on its processor power, screen resolution, shape changes, and compatibility with Joy-Con controllers. Nintendo itself is reportedly still debating what they will do with the newer Switch. The Wall Street Journal also said that cost was a factor in the discussion.

While the Nintendo Switch has performed exceptionally well since its 2016 launch, Nintendo had at least one reason to quickly push for new system revisions: a major jailbreak that exploits the primary Nvidia Tegra system-on-chip (SoC) behind the home console. portable hybrid.. Since the talk of the jailbreak, Nintendo has rolled out a hardware revision of the Switch which reportedly includes a patch in its boot ROM. Without that patch, any romp by Nintendo to update an old Switch system might always be vulnerable to an exploit from Fusée Gelée, which was very effective.

Nintendo has a long history of releasing hardware back with few updates, although portable systems from game publishers tend to receive revisions more quickly. The Nintendo Switch has at least one clear path for a bit of an update, as it currently runs faster (and plans up to 1080p resolution) when placed on the official Switch TV Dock. A clash of the current 720p LCD resolution, and a more heat efficient SoC, could cause 1080p targets to make more sense in the Switch’s updated portable mode.